Using Tables

An easy step-by-step way to show off and organize all your data - Here's how to create a table in your Edufolio:

Tables can be a very important part of your evidence.  You might want to show data or simply organise your information using one.  Here’s how to create a table in your Edufolio. 

  1. If you cannot see the second row in your editor, click the “kitchen sink” icon to show it.
  2. Click the table icon and hover over the “Insert Table” menu option
  3. You will now be able to select how many rows and columns you wish to have. Hover your mouse to the right and down to create an empty table
  4. Use the handles around the edge of the table to stretch it so that you can enter data (otherwise,  it will  resize automatically based on content provided)
  5. Enter your data

How are tables styled?

Tables have pre-built styles that are programmed into your Edufolio theme. These styles will place header text in bold for you, make alternate rows a different colour, and place a light border around the entire table. You just need to put in your data