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The Edufolios Dashboard Screen

Your dashboard screen is the home base for your Edufolio's content, analytics and more. Here's what you need to know to find your way around:

The dashboard presents content to you in the form of blocks called widgets. By default, your Edufolios dashboard should look like this. 

The following dashboard widgets are included by default with Edufolios:


The Welcome widget contains quick links to key areas of your Edufolios site.

Getting Started with Edufolios

The "Getting Started.." widget is used to guide you through your first interactions with our platform. Six actions have been identified to help you get started including adding your profile image, editing your front page and writing a post.  Underneath the icons is a link to our getting started guide. 

Completing these six actions give you access to the Reflectionist Challenge and one hour of free PD.

More information: The 'Reflectionist' Challenge - 1 Hour free PD

At A Glance

The "At a Glance" widget provides a summary of the number of evidence posts, pages, and comments on your site. Each of these content types is displayed in the form of a link and, when clicked upon, direct you to the specific area to manage that content. 

You can also see how much storage space you have been allocated and how much has been used.

Teacher Registration Details

If you have the Pro plan you will have a "Teacher Registration..." widget. 

Edufolios will help you collate and gather your evidence of professional development.  Every time you write about your practice, your reflection counts towards your professional development hours.


Your Edufolios Membership

The "Edufolios Membership" widget displays details about your current subscription with Edufolios.  You will be able to see when you join us, on what plan and how your plan renews (monthly or annually).

You can use this widget to "switch subscription" or "cancel subscription"

Other useful links here include an account overview and your billing details.

Edufolios News

The "Edufolios News" widget contains weekly updates from our podcast and blog.  As new episodes of The Reflective Teacher Podcast are released you will be shown the show notes (and access to the freebies that sometimes accompany them) here. 


This widget shows any upcoming scheduled evidence posts, recently published evidence posts, and the most recent comments on your evidence –and allows you to moderate them.

A list of the most recent comments on your Edufolio is detailed in this widget. Each comment that is listed as a link to the related post title–clicking this link allows you to edit the evidence post. Hovering the mouse over each comment activates a menu of choices: to approve (or unapprove) the comment, edit the comment, reply to the comment, mark the comment as spam, or delete the comment.

Quick Draft

This widget allows you to quickly enter notes into a draft post.  You can then come back later and turn it into a full evidence post.  This great for making notes quickly during meetings and PD. 

Screen Options 

At the top of your screen in the right-hand corner, you will see a tab that you can click to pull down.  This contains the Screen Options panel.  The panel allows you to choose which widgets are displayed or not displayed.

When you click on the "Screen Options" tab, the resulting panel shows the various Dashboard widgets, with a checkbox next to each widget. Check the box to display a specific widget, or uncheck the box to hide that widget.

Click the "Screen Options" tab again to close the Screen Options panel.

Expanding, Collapsing, and Rearranging Widgets 

Each widget can be expanded or contracted by clicking on the widget title bar.

Widgets can be moved by hovering the mouse cursor over the widget title bar. When the mouse cursor changes to four arrows, hold the left mouse button down, drag the widget to where you want to place it, and then release the mouse button (this cursor motion is called drag and drop).