The Cohort Evidence Analysis

With your analysis tools, you can explore which focus areas your student teachers are attributing to which evidence (course, module, assignment) and read the impact that the learning has had on their teaching proficiency. Here's how.

Similar to the Cohort Heatmap, this report can be used to show data for all ITE Students registered to your organisation. This report has been specifically created so that you can analyse the Students' evidence and, where required, identify where there may be any issues with that data. This can be particularly useful if you feel the Cohort Heat Map might be missing data from your students.

How do I access the Cohort Evidence Analysis?

When you log in (with your reporting account) you will see your dashboard. From here, scroll over the “Reporting” menu and choose “Cohort Evidence Analysis”.

Report Configuration Options

When you get to the Cohort Evidence Analysis page, you’ll see that you have a single configuration option for this report that will alter how the report behaves:


This option allows you to configure the type of information included in the report.

Your options are:

All data All evidence data irrespective of its status
Only data with issues Only evidence with known problems (like there are no focus areas tagged)
With Zero Evidence Only students with zero evidence
With unassigned focus areas or standards Only students who have evidence that has not been attributed to standards or focus areas
Only Data without issues Only evidence with NO known problems
With only published evidence Only students which have successfully published their evidence correctly

Report Filter Options

Once you've configured how the report behaves, you'll then want to filter what data is included in the report. You can achieve this using the report's Advanced Options.

Advanced Options

Below the Report Configuration Options, you will find a link to access the Advanced Options.  Clicking this link will reveal the filters that you can apply to your report's data.



Using these settings you are able to produce a report for:

  • A particular program or course;
  • Students attending a particular campus;
  • Students from a particular year of study (for example, all second-year students);
  • A particular student by Student Identifier;
  • By individual student qualifiers.

When you’re ready to see what the data tells you, click the “Download Report” button and wait a few short moments for your word document to download.