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Setting up your Teacher Registration Widget so you can track your professional learning hours

Here's how to set up all your teacher registration details so that you can begin recording your professional development.

  1. Hover over the pie chart icon in the blue menu
  2. Select "Teacher Registration"
  3. Complete all of the empty fields
  4. By selecting the state you are currently registered in, you will be given specific information pertaining to your state’s registration requirements.
  5. Hit “Save” when you are done.
  6. Once entered and saved, you will see your registration details listed.  If you've made an error or need to update anything you can do by clicking the "update your details" button.

NOTE: You will find your Teacher Registration Number on your registration documentation or by searching for your name on the relevant registration board's online records.  (NESA, TQI, QUT, TRBSA etc)