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  2. Using My Data for Reporting

Seeing where my strengths and growth areas are and sharing that (if I want to)

Your evidence should be working harder than you. As you enter focus areas and publish posts, Edufolios is collating data for you so you can easily see what you've covered and what to work on next.


Heat maps are designed to use the data you've already entered and present it to you in a way that will let you see where you've hit landmarks (like enough evidence to apply for full registration at proficient etc) They're also a great way of giving your principal, mentor, colleague or self an overview of your strengths and growth spots. You can use it to start conversations about what PD you might need going forward or what strengths you might be able to offer to a colleague to support and grow with them.

How do I access my Heat Map?

When you log in you will see your dashboard. From here, scroll over the “Analytics” menu and choose “Heat Map”

When you get to the Heat Map page, you’ll see that you have some options.  You can select your career stage (Student members – You’ve only got Grad) and then you can leave it at the standard success criteria or define your own.



The standard Success criteria setting makes the data report in alignment with the most common requirement. At Graduate and Proficient this will be as follows:

  • 1 post per FA = Green
  • 0 post per FA = Red

At H.A. and Lead that goes up to:

  • 2 posts per FA = Green
  • 1 post per FA = Amber
  • 0 post per FA = Red

But… we know you’ll want to change things and challenge yourself. So.. feel free to click “Custom” and change the numbers for Green (High enough count) and Amber (Nearly high enough count).

When you’re ready to see what your data tells you, click the “Download Heat Map” button and wait for your word document to download.