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Recording my professional development hours with Edufolios.

Edufolios is a great place to keep track (and report on) your professional development hours. In this article, we cover how you can attribute your reflections with professional development hours.


When you enter your evidence as a post and attribute it to the standards, you also have the option of recording your PD hours.  You can count any time you have spent reflecting on and recording your evidence as practice.  It’s two for one (and saves you half the time to boot!).

You will find the “Professional Development Record” widget underneath the larger box on the Post editor.  The information required reflects that which is asked for by your registration board if called for audit.  Simply complete the fields required.  The data will then automatically be added to your running record of Professional development and be represented in your Teacher Registration and Analytics Widget.



Edufolios does not replace your teacher portal!

Edufolios doesn’t contain application forms for registration, or the ability to run police checks and other essential registration requirements.  Therefore, you must still apply through your teacher registration board’s (TRB’s) official channels. You can export & report all of the PD records you keep within Edufolios.  For now, we can confirm that our collaboration with the TRBSA means that we have provided you with an export tool that produces exactly what they need to validate your data and help confirm you’re ready for registration. We’re also in touch with the registration boards in other states and territories to enable those of you who are not in South Australia to do the same. We’ll keep you updated.