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Mentoring and collaborating using Edufolios

Edufolios has an inbuilt system that lets you connect your Edufolios to others.  You can give them different levels of access to your site from just being able to keep a permanent hyperlink to your Edufolio from their own, all the way to co-writing and publishing evidence, in one site, together.  This feature is great for mentoring. Where a colleague may want you to review some evidence before hitting publish you will be able to see their unpublished posts.  Where a working party is evaluating and processing something site-wide, members can work on one area of development using their Edufolios as a place to gather that information together.

To invite another Edufolios subscriber to collaborate with you you’ll need to know two things:

  • The subscriber’s email address – they’ll be sent the invite to this address, asking them to confirm.
  • The role you want the subscriber to have – this determines what permissions you’re giving to them.

Head to the Collaborate menu from your dashboard and choose "Add New"



Enter the email address they used at signup and select a role for them. 


If you click the help tab (found in the top right-hand corner of the site) you will get contextualised help. This includes information about the different roles you might choose from.  Alternatively, you can check out this information in this post