Media Library Screen

Got questions about your Media Library and how to use it to store all your support evidence? Here is where you can learn how to navigate your files and edit your media:

The Media Library is where you will store all your support evidence. This might be certificates, slides, photographs, video footage, audio recordings.. any kind of digital file. These files can then be linked to inside your evidence post.

Usually, you will add these files to your library whilst you're writing an evidence post or working on a page of your Edufolios.  As you add your files into your posts and pages they are listed in the Media Library, with the most recent uploads listed first.

To access your media library navigate to the "media" tab in your sidebar.

The Media Library:

The Media library screen lets you edit, view and delete media that you have uploaded to your Edufolios.  You can select multiple items at once and delete them in bulk. You can also use the search and filtering available to find the media you are looking for.

You can view your media in two different views: a simple visual grid or a list with columns. Switch between these views using the icons to the left above the media.

Media Library Grid View

In Media Library Grid View, thumbnails of image, Audio icons and Movie icons are arranged in the grid.

Filtering Options 

At the top of Grid View, you can filter the media by media type and date:

All media items
This dropdown allows you to select, by media types such as Images, Audio and Video or Unattached to any Posts nor Pages, which Media are displayed in the Table of Media. By default, “All media items” is selected and all of your Media are displayed.

All Dates
This dropdown allows you to select, by date, which Media are displayed in the Grid View. By default, “Show all dates” is selected and all of your Media are displayed.

To the right, is a Search box where you can enter a word, or series of words to search and display all the Media meeting your search words. The search results will be updated as you type.

Delete Media 
To delete media items, click the Bulk Select button at the top of the screen. Select any items you wish to delete, then click the "Delete Selected" button. Clicking the Cancel Selection button takes you back to viewing your media.

Edit your Media

If you want to preview or edit a media file, simply click its thumbnail to be shown an overview of the details attached to it. From this screen, you can rename your media file or delete it permanently.

scrolling down to the bottom of this screen will reveal more options including:

Edit Image: This will load a screen where you can crop, resize, rotate, flip, rename and edit details such as caption, alt text (great for accessibility) and description.

Media Library List View

In the List view, you will be shown information in the following columns

  • [ ] – This checkbox, when clicked (checked), ‘selects’ that particular Media to be processed by a Bulk Action.
  • “thumbnail” – There is no column heading for “thumbnail”, but a small image of the actual media is displayed in this column
  • File – Displayed in the form of a link, this is Title, the name of the media. Clicking the title link opens Edit Media Screen. See the Edit Media for details on editing Media information. Below the Title, the actual name of the file that holds this particular Media is displayed.
  • Author – Displayed in the form of a link, this is the author who uploaded the Media. Clicking the author link causes all the Media authored by that user to be displayed in the Table of Media (thus allowing a Bulk Action to be applied to all Media for a given author).
  • Uploaded to – Uploaded to describes the title of the Evidence Post or Page that contains this Media and the date of that Evidence Post or Page. Click on the title to view that Evidence Post or Page in an edit Screen. If the Media was unattached to any Evidence Post or Page, an “Attach” link will appear and when clicked this Media can be attached to selected Evidence Posts or Pages.  If the Media has been attached to more than one Evidence Post or Page, only the details of the first Evidence Post or Page will be displayed.
  • Comment bubble – Each Media row has comment bubble with the number of comments for that Media. If a Media has any comments, then the number of comments is displayed in a bubble. Clicking on a blue comment bubble causes the Comments Screen to be displayed to allow moderation of those comments.
  • Date – The date the Media was uploaded.