I've made my site private, how do I share it with others?

You can choose to share your Edufolio with others, even when you have it password protected. Here's how to give access to only those you choose.

If you've chosen to set your posts and pages to "private" when readers of your site click through the 7 domains at the top of your Edufolio, or one of the Focus Area tags in the sidebar, they will be told that there is no evidence to show.  

In order to share evidence, you will need to find the URL (or web address) of one of your private posts, or pages, that you wish to share and email a direct link to them, along with the password you're currently using to protect it. 

When a reader accesses a direct link to the protected content they will be prompted to enter the password you have set (see the security screen below).  Once the password is entered, the reader will have access to your whole site for 2 hours. After the 2 hours have passed, they will need to re-enter their password.  This gives you time to change the password if you no longer wish them to have access.