Issues Accessing Edufolios

Whether you're a teacher, or perhaps a school, trying to access Edufolios, you may at times experience problems accessing our portfolios. We've put this article together to try and cover off any common issues and provide you with some guidance.

Internet Connectivity 

Are you currently connected to the internet? This seems like an obvious one but can contribute to access issues and may not always be obvious. Give the following a go to verify if connectivity is contributing to your access issues: 

  • Check you are connected via Mobile Data / Wi-Fi / Ethernet - Does your device show you are connected correctly? 
  • Allocated an IP Address? If connected to Mobile Data / Wi-Fi / Ethernet have you been allocated an IP address correctly? You may be connected but may not have been issued with an IP address and therefore permitted to access the internet. Where to check this will vary on each device, but if you look at the details of your connection, you should see an entry for IP address listed with a value assigned (e.g. or etc.).
  • Is your Internet Router Operational? (Where WI-Fi / Ethernet connected) Your network could by operating correctly and allowing you to connect, but the device which provides you with access to the internet may be offline. Check your Internet Router is online and connected to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Is your external Internet Service Provider (ISP) having any issues? If your ISP is currently experiencing issues (e.g. due to maintenance, or accidental loss of connectivity) then you may not be able to access anything online. Try accessing a few common websites and observe if you are able to use them correctly (e.g. try a new search on Google, or logging in to one of your online, cloud-based, school systems). If in doubt contact your ISP and ask for information on outages that may affect your local area.
  • Is the access issue network-specific? Try connecting to the web address you're accessing using another connection (e.g. Mobile Data if you're using Wi-Fi / Ethernet). This could highlight a connectivity issue with the current network (e.g. Firewall / Antivirus Rules / Settings).

Firewall / Antivirus (Rules / Settings)

Your Firewall / Antivirus is there to protect you from accessing anything which may cause issues for you / your device. Sometimes these are configured to block everything by default (i.e. blacklisted by default) and this means that unless you explicitly configure these rules to allow access you may not be able to see certain online resources.

Consider allowing the following domains on your Firewall / Antivirus: 

  • - Used for the main Edufolios website
  • - Used to provide support materials (e.g. knowledge base)
  • - Used to host common media files (e.g. email footers)

Note: Where available, all our domains use SSL certificates to encrypt traffic between us and your device. By explicitly allowing these domains you will ensure that your Firewall / Antivirus is not limiting your access to our sites and preventing you from accessing the resources you require.

Device Issues

Occasionally, the device you are using may have issues accessing our sites for a number of different reasons. To isolate if your device is having issues accessing our sites, try using a different device (preferably on the same network, and as close in nature to your original device) to ascertain if your original device is likely the cause of your access issues. For example, another computer on the same network.

You can then compare settings between devices to identify which of the settings may be the cause of your access issues and then update the settings of the original device as necessary to resolve the access issues.

Browser Issues

Sometimes you may find the browser you are using can experience issues accessing certain websites. To identify is this is the cause try the following: 

  • Open the web address in a private, or incognito, tab/window. These tabs/windows will not load any cookies, extensions or add-ons that your browser may typically use that could affect your accessing our sites.
  • Ensure your browser is up to date - check the version in your browser, and where possible update this to the latest version.
  • Try accessing the web address using an alternative browser. If you always use Firefox, try using Chrome for example. This will enable you to isolate if a specific browser is causing the access issues you are experiencing. You can then troubleshoot using your browsers support documentation: 

Cache / Cookie Issues

Your devices often use Cache to improve the performance of your online experiences by reusing old content that it has already downloaded (so you don't have to download it again). If this content is out of date, you may need to clear your cache to ensure you are getting the latest content from the resource you are trying to access. To clear you cache refere to the very handy guides on the following website: 

When you access systems online, many of them will use cookies to correlate your identity when you return to the site or to enhance your offsite experiences. At Edufolios we have a number of cookies in use that are there to optimize the way we deliver our services to you. Sometimes you may need to clear these cookies if you are having any issues with signing in for example. To clear/remove your cookies, refer to the notes on the following website: 

Service Status

Finally, is the Edufolio site currently available? Whilst this is a long-shot there can be unforeseen circumstances that require that we take the Edufolios site offline. To identify if this is contributing to your issue in any way you can try the following: 

  • Check our Status page: We automatically monitor Edufolios and track availability. If it's ever offline (through unforeseen circumstances) we will be notified immediately and will typically circulate a maintenance notice via email, and through our social media channels.
  • Contact Us: We're always here to help.


If you suspect any odd access issues that haven't been covered on this page, please reach out to us and let us know. We're here to help and want to make the Edufolios experience a good one.