How to insert page breaks in a Long Evidence Post.

Sometimes you're writing a longer piece. Perhaps you're writing about the 5 workshops you attended in one conference or you're creating one long story of practice.  In these cases, it's handy to be able to split the post over several pages. You can do this using page breaks. In this post, we show you how to split one evidence post in your Edufolio, over several pages.

It's actually pretty simple.  Wherever you want to split the page you just need to add one little piece of text called a shortcode.

  1. Identify where you would like to break up your post. Remember the last few words of the sentence you're looking at
  2. Toggle to the "Text" view in your editor by clicking the "Text" tab.  

  3. Now you should see your post with some added elements.  You're looking at the code that Edufolios has attributed to your text
  4. Find that sentence again.  TIP: you can use control F on your keyboard to bring up a browser search tool that you can use to help you locate it.
  5. Hit enter at the end of that paragraph or sentence and, on this new line type (or copy and paste) <!--next page-->



  6. Repeat this process wherever you'd like to break the page.
  7. Toggle back into the "Visual" mode by clicking the "Visual" tab in the editor

  8. Click "Preview Changes" to see what you've done. You should see numbers at the bottom of your page. These numbers act as a navigation tool.  Each time you've entered "<!--next page-->" in your post, a new page has been created

  9. Hit "update" or "publish" to save these settings for your post.