How do I share content from other cloud storage / accounts (e.g. OneDrive or Google Drive)?

Sometimes you may already have a document / image stored in one of your other cloud storage locations that you want to link to from your Edufolio (and to save space that's actually a pretty smart move, nicely done!).

The idea here is pretty simple. Your existing cloud service provider (let's say Microsoft's OneDrive) will provide you with a way to create a link to your resource (e.g. document, image etc.). It will generally look like a shortened web address, for example:

(Image sourced from: with all rights belonging to Microsoft)

You would copy the address they have helped you create, and then you will paste this into the page / post of your Edufolio to link to that content. Here's a quick screenshot to show you what that would look like:

To recap you'd simply: 

  1. Visit your cloud storage provider (e.g. OneDrive)
  2. Create / Generate a share link / address to the resource you want to share on your Edufolio
  3. Select the text you want to link to the resource from.
  4. Click on the Hyperlink icon
  5. Paste the share address (from your cloud service provider) into the text field shown above
  6. Click the apply icon (  ) then update / publish your post. All done!

Here are a few articles to get you started with creating share links with some of the key cloud storage providers: