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How do I know whether to choose Grad, Prof, HA or Lead?

As you add evidence you’re going to want to tag that evidence with focus areas from the standards.  It is perfectly normal to dip into different teaching career stages – especially once you’re working as a teacher and moving through and beyond proficient.  Sometimes, you’ll go to a professional development session and just absorb theory without applying it to your classroom.

Even if you’ve been teaching for a hundred years if you’re not applying that you’ve learnt to your current context, that reflection will only be at Graduate level.

Use the table below to give you a rough idea of the context for each career stage.

Grad Graduate You’re writing about theories and ideas. You might be beginning to experiment with applying these ideas in a classroom setting.
Prof Proficient Now you’re applying what you’re learning in the classroom context to meet a range of needs. You’re writing about how you’re selecting tools and using them like a pro!
H.A. Highly
At this point, you’re focusing on the impact you’re having on individuals and your students. You might be mentoring or looking in detail at the impact you’re having on students and colleagues.
Lead Lead You lead and affect change. You’re all about impact on a wider scale. Impact on your colleagues and the students at your site.