How do I change the menus on my Edufolio?

On both Edufolio themes, you can change the menu items (just underneath the standards boxes) using the "Customiser". To access this, log in to your Edufolio and head to your dashboard.



When on your dashboard click the big blue button labelled "Customise Your Edufolio". This will open the Customiser for your Edufolio, and show you a preview of your Edufolio on the right-hand side of the screen.

Note: Changes you make here are shown in real-time on the right-hand side of the screen, but are not public, and visible to anyone else until you click the "Publish" button. This allows you to experiment with the changes until you are happy before making them "live" on your Edufolio.


Next, click on the “Menus” item in the menu on the left.


Here you will be shown the current menus on your Edufolio – most commonly you’ll want to change the “Header Navigation Menu”.

Managing Menus

Once you click the menu name, you’ll be shown a list of the current menu items (shown below). Here you can re-order them, by dragging them up or down, or you can change where the menu item is grouped (such as under another menu item) by dragging it left or right. You’ll also have the ability to add new menu items, by clicking the “Add Items button”.


Adding New Menu Items

To quickly add menu items, you can choose to create pages, and add them to the menu automatically, by providing a name for your page and clicking the “+ Add” button as shown below. You can then later go into the Pages section of your dashboard to edit the content of the page. This is a great way to quickly create the "skeleton" layout for your pages.


Editing Existing Menu Items

So you have some menu's on your Edufolio already, but you'd like to change their names perhaps? To do this (from within the Customiser), simply click on the small down arrow next to the menu item you want to change. From there you will be able to alter:

  • The Navigation Label - What's shown on the menu itself.
  • Open link in a new tab - Which you'd normally use if you were going to a different site (that looks different).
  • The Title Attribute - Which is used as "hover" text when the mouse is placed over the menu item.

If you're happy with your changes, click "Publish" to make them live on your Edufolio.


Quick Note! Consider the length of your page names. If they are too long they will spill off the end of your menu and be hidden automatically (to prevent them from overlapping other page items). If you find you've run out of room (on the menu), consider grouping page items under other pages to group / organize them into more of a hierarchical structure - you can go up to 4 levels deep! So you have plenty of room to organize menu items in more of a structured way, so consider shuffling your menus into a structure that suits your needs.