How do I change the author of my content?

So you've grabbed yourself an Edufolio (yay!) and you're taking a look at the content in your new portfolio. You may spot a couple of pieces of content (that are automagically created for you) as having the author of "Matt & Selena". Or, you may have had a collaborator work with you on Edufolio, and they've created the original piece of evidence, so it's listed under their name.

If you'd like to change the author of these pieces of content then follow this guide below to quickly re-assign content to a different author:

  1. Log in to your dashboard (at - using the login link, or via the "Login to Dashboard" link on your own Edufolio).

  2. Navigate to the content section where you want to change the owner (generally "Pages", or "Evidence") using the main dashboard menu on the left. We'll use "Pages" for this example. Your list of content will be shown as follows:

  3. Follow the steps in the picture above to 1) Select the content you want to re-assign to a new author 2) Choose to Bulk edit that content and 3) Apply the selections to start "Bulk" editing. The screen will change to the following view (click to enlarge):

  4. (As above) 1) Choose the author you want to re-assign the content to, using the "Author" drop down menu. Then 2) Click the "Update" button to confirm the change.

You're done! Your content has been re-assigned to a new author.