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How do I cancel my subscription to Edufolios?



Using the Edufolios membership widget, found on your dashboard (when you log in!), you have complete control of your account.  You can switch or cancel your subscription at any time.

3 steps required to cancel (2 minutes max.)

  1. Click the "Cancel Subscription" button / link (on your membership widget, or on the Edufolios "E" menu described further on in this article).
  2. On the following page (the Cancellation page), we ask you to let us know why your cancelling (this is so we can try and improve Edufolios based on your feedback - so we'd love your input!).
  3. Finally click the "Yes, Cancel my Account" button and your subscription will be cancelled.

All steps must be completed for your subscription to be cancelled, simply visiting the initial cancellation page (step 1 above) won't cancel your subscription.

What does cancelling my subscription look like?

Here's what our cancellation page looks like with the 3 steps above marked up for your reference (click for a larger version):

Cancelling using the Edufolios "E" menu

You can also access your Account links (including Cancellation) using the Edufolios "E" menu, available at all times, on the menu bar (at the top left of your screen) whilst logged in to your dashboard.  You must be logged in to cancel your subscription. (Otherwise, we won't know who you are!)

Here's what the Edufolios "E" menu looks like:


Some Final words from us...

Of course,  we’d love to have the chance to see if we can’t persuade you to stay.. and to learn from your experiences.. so, drop us an email and see if we can help.