Help! I've turned off my Focus Area Tag Cloud - How to I bring it back?

As standard, there's a "Tag cloud" of focus areas in your sidebar. If you've turned that off ... and are now regretting it... here's how to turn it back on:

First of all, don't panic! The Focus Area Tag Cloud is just a widget and we can easily put it right back where it belongs.

  1. First, Log in to your dashboard and click "Customise Your Edufolio"

2. This will take you to the "customiser" view.  You'll see your Edufolio on the right-hand side and some menus to the left. The view of your site will change as we play with the settings in the menus.  Nothing is visible to the public though, not until you want it to be, so don't worry about making mistakes!

3.  The last menu from the end should be the "widgets" menu.  Click this with your left mouse button to access its options.


4.  You'll now see a list of "widgets" that are currently sitting in your sidebar.


5.  You can re-add it by clicking the "Add a widget" button at the bottom of the list: 

6.  The first thing you'll realise is that there are a LOT of options to choose from.  Feel free to come back and experiment later.. for now, let's look for the "Edufolios Focus Area Widget".

7.  When you've found it, left-click it. You'll see that it gets added to the bottom of your widgets menu.

You'll also notice that it has appeared in the sidebar of the edufolio you see to the right of your screen. (Remember none of these changes are public yet!)

8. Now you get the chance to name your widget.  You can add a title.  Perhaps "My evidence by Focus Area" or something similar. You also get the option to drag the widget around.  Using its place holder in the widgets menu, you can left-click and drag it up and down the list.  You'll see in the preview to the right of the screen, that doing so changes its position in the sidebar.

9.  When you're happy that you have your widget back, it has the right title and is in the right place, head to the top of the widgets menu and click the "publish" button