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Creating an Edufolio of my own

At Edufolios, we pride ourselves on getting your teacher portfolio up and running in under 10 seconds! Seriously... give it a go... Here's how:

Once you’ve got your subscription, you get to set up your Edufolio. It takes seconds…

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to the set-up page (as shown above).  Here you will create the web address for your Edufolio, give it a title and choose whether it is visible to search engines.

  1. The first box asks you for your site name.  All Edufolios start with edufolios.org and then are suffixed with the information you place here.  For example, edufolios.org/selenawoodward. Most subscribers choose to use their own name as their site title.  There’s no need to write edufolios.org into the box, you only need to enter the bit you would like to appear after the forward-slash.

Remember - your site name can not contain any capital letters or spaces because it will form part of your Edufolio’s website address.

  1. The next box asks you for a “site title”; this is what will appear in Google Searches (if you choose to be visible to search engines).  Enter a brief sentence which describes your site.  For example: “Selena Woodward’s online teacher portfolio”.
  2. Now you get to choose whether or not you would like your site to show up on search engines. Before you decide, you might want to have a read of our post Online Profiles Should You Have One?

You’re all ready to go. The next screen you will see is your dashboard. We’ve done all the setup for you.   7 standards, 148 focus areas, space to reflect and a beautiful look. Go and fill it up with your evidence. Enjoy!