Copying and Pasting from Other Sources


From time to time you may wish to copy text from other sources. Perhaps, you have been keeping notes in a word document, PowerPoint or elsewhere or would like to quote from another source? In order to avoid the unnecessary work created by having to reformat copy once you paste it into your post, we have the option to enable “plain text pasting”. This will remove any formatting the original copy had and enable you to use the features inside your Edufolios editor to ensure consistency in look and feel within your posts.

  1. Copy the content you wish you paste
  2. If you can see two bars on your editor, please skip to step 3… If not, please click the “Kitchen Sink” button to activate it.
  1. Now select the icon on the second row, fourth from the left. (It looks like a clipboard with a T on it). You may be prompted with a message which explains that you are now in plain text mode.
  2. Right-click in the empty space inside your page or post editor and select “Paste”.
  3. You can now format headings etc., just as you would in any other post or page.