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Best Practices for Exporting your content

Prepare your content for our Exporter Tool by following these best practices and recommendations.


Converting content between modes (e.g. web / html to print / PDF) can be a source of great frustration as each mode will often have its own set of assumptions as to how content can be displayed (e.g. video on the web vs. image / link for print). We've put together the following recommendations to help reduce any frustration you have when exporting your content using the Edufolios Exporter Tool.


  1. Keep your content as clean as possible:
    1. Use Heading styles for headings, and Paragraph styles for paragraphs.
    2. Avoid using bold in place of a heading tag
    3. Avoid using partial line breaks (e.g. shift & enter) instead of a full line break (e.g. enter) between paragraphs of content. 
      1. This will generate <br/> tags instead of <p> tags and affect the way your content is converted to PDF.
  2. Keep intended modes in the back of your mind when creating content:
    1. Some embeds (e.g. video, tweets, wakelets) may not appear the same in a PDF once exported. Consider adding the following to ensure your embed gets included in the PDF: 
      1. A visual (e.g. a screenshot / grab) of the embedded content
      2. A link to where the embedded content can be accessed 
    2. Dynamic elements like Galleries can give mixed results when exporting to PDF.
      1. Embed individual images separately to ensure you can control the layout of the image and its associated text when exporting.
  3. Bear in mind that you can use private content to your advantage. If you have a specific piece of content that you want to export, but don't want to negatively impact the way it currently looks on your Edufolios site, consider creating a private page / evidence post that restructures the content to export as you'd like. This isn't shown on your Edufolio site, and only needs to be used during the Export so you can achieve the result you want.

Known Behaviours

The following are known behaviours that exist when exporting your content:

  1. Embedded content, such as tweets, videos, wakelets, won't show the same as on a web page (see recommendation 2a  and 2b above).
  2. Incorrectly formatted text can lose it's layout / line breaks and appear "compressed" (see recommendation1b and 1c above)