Attributing Images using captions

Everything you need to know about attributing images and maximizing the Captions option in the media library

Whenever you add an image to your Edufolio it's good practice to attribute that image to it's owner or creator. You can do this using the Captions option in the media library.  Making sure all images are attributed correctly is a great way to show that you are able to work with ICT ethically and that you not only know your legal obligations around the intellectual property but you can comply with them to. That's great stuff for standard 4.5

1. Add an image to your post or page

2. Do this in the usual way, using the media library.

3. Once your image is uploaded, select it from the list and you will see some options appear to the right of the page.


In the "Caption" box, add the text for your attribution.  The creative commons website has a great guide to show you what text to add and which parts of it need to be hyperlinked.  Effectively, it should have three parts. 

  1. The name of the image itself - with a hyperlink to the location of that image on the web
  2. The name of the author or creator of that image - with a hyperlink to their profile page
  3. The type of creative commons license that has been given to the work by the owner - with a hyperlink to the license itself

In the caption box, simply type the text. We'll add the hyperlinks later. In this case, it would be:

"alphabet-class-conceptual-cube-301926" by Pixabay is shared under CC0 License

Now add the image as you would normally by clicking the "Insert Into Post" button at the bottom

You should now see your image and it's caption in your post or page

To add the links to the three elements you're going to need to left-click and highlight the section of text you want to add the link to.  Then click the link button in the text editor menu. 

You will see a link box appear and you can copy and paste your URL or hyperlink location into that box and click the blue return icon to add it.

Repeat this process for all three elements of your attribution and you're done.  That's 4.5 covered in that post!