Adding Videos to your Edufolio

Do you want to embed a video that's stored elsewhere into your evidence post? If you're keen to add a YouTube, Vimeo or another video to your evidence, here's how.

Here at Edufolios, we like to make life super simple and adding a video from YouTube or Vimeo couldn't be easier than this.


Step one:

Find the web address (or URL) for your video.

On YouTube, you can do this by clicking the share arrow underneath the video 


Step two:

Copy the web address that appears in the box by clicking "copy".

yturlStep three:

Head to your evidence post and make sure that you are looking at the "visual" tab


Step four:

Put your cursor where you would like the video to appear. 

Step five:

Right-click on the page and select "Paste" (or use Ctrl V on your PC keyboard) to paste the web address for the video into your evidence post

Step six:

Your video will appear on your page automatically.  Woo hoo!

Preview your post to see how it looks!

Using Vimeo?

Then it's exactly the same process.  You just need the web address (or URL) of the video you're using.  Simply paste it on to the visual editor of your evidence post and it will appear :)