Adding an Image Gallery / Slideshow

Sometimes you'll want to include more than one image in your reflection, for this you can use the "Gallery" feature. Let's take a look...

From within your evidence post click the "Add Media" button...


From there, you'll get the usual Media Library window. Select the "Create a Gallery" option, then either upload new images or click the "Media Library" tab to select from your existing images (that's what we'll do in this example).

Then select the images you want to include in the gallery, and click the "Create a new gallery" button at the bottom right of the window.

You'll then have the opportunity to caption each image, configure the gallery and insert it into your post (yikes, three steps in one - here we go!).

To caption each image click in the space underneath the image and begin typing your caption.

Then, when you're done captioning (that's a word right?!), to configure the gallery make sure you choose to link each item to their Media file (at the top right of the window) - that way when people click on the image it will open a larger version of the file full-screen (and in a slideshow). 


Quick Tip: If you want the gallery images to appear of equal size when on your evidence post ensure you have the "Thumbnail" size selected - this is usually the default.  If you want the "brickwork" layout, choose a larger size and the images will stagger themselves to make the best use of the available space.


Finally, click the "Insert Gallery" button to embed the gallery into your evidence.


In your editor, you should see similar to the following...

Then when you preview or publish, your post you'll see something like this

You'll be able to click on any image and have it open in a full screen, slideshow view. Voila! You're done :)